Fixed: My Generation Drivers Dropdown List Empty

I just installed latest version of MyGeneration 1.3.1 on my Windows Server 2008 R2 and on the first run I came to know that the “Drivers” dropdown list is empty.

Tried with different solutions from different sources on the net and none of them worked…
– Tried working DefaultSettings.xml replaced.
– Tried with different drivers installations.
– Tried without MDAC 2.7+ driver check.
– Checked if the problem is for 64-bit only, etc.

How it can be fixed? Here, follow these steps:

The problem is because of multiple .Net Frameworks installed. MyGeneration Setup program registers MyMeta.dll with .Net v2.0 while the program should be registered with the .Net v4.0:

1. Uninstall MyGeneration if already installed.
2. Uncheck the option for MDAC 2.7+ checkbox while setup.
3. After installation click “No” when asked – “Launch MyGeneration?”
4. Go to Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt and enter following command
5. regasm.exe “c:\Program Files (x86)\MyGeneration13\MyMeta.dll” / tlb: MyMeta.tlb
6. Exit Command Prompt when successfully registered.
7. Run MyGeneration with Drivers dropdown list full of available drivers.


21 thoughts on “Fixed: My Generation Drivers Dropdown List Empty

  1. Hi, I needed to change the filepath to work correctly in my computer. After this small correction worked greatly here.

    In VS Prompt:
    regasm.exe ….MyGeneration13MyMeta.dll /tlb:MyMeta.tlb

    Thanks Skynetr

  2. An update for anyone else having the “Drivers” dropdown list is empty issue. The instructions provided in this post do work for version of MyGeneration. In an attempt to solve some other issues with MyGeneration I uninstalled that version and installed version After doing so I had the same issue with no drivers being available to choose from. I did follow these instructions again with that version but without any success. So just a heads up that the instructions do work for version but may not work with previous versions.

  3. not work: regasm.exe “c:Program Files (x86)MyGeneration13MyMeta.dll” /tlb: MyMeta.tlb.. error: format not supported provided

  4. you need to replace the magic quotes (the ones in the html post are facing in and out) with the regular ones. Paste the command into your window, and then type over the quote marks. Or use the version Hugo posted above. Since there are no spaces in his version, no quotes are needed 🙂

  5. Well I had to install MyGeneration due to having a completely different problem, and received the blank Drivers list with that version too. So I tried your solution again and to echo Joe’s earlier statement, it looks like your fix does not work with version 😦 Now I have no idea what to do.

  6. I was also unsuccessful in uninstalling 1.3.1 and going back to 1.3.0.

    I tried these steps:

    -uninstall 1.3.1
    -delete the whole old folder that still remains: programfiles/mygeneration
    -delete c:Users\AppDataRoamingMyGeneration Development Community
    -Remove registry items that still remain:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerLowRegistryAudioPolicyConfigPropertyStore1be01119_0

    And then I ran the 1.3.0 installer as admin, and ignore mdac…

    But no good – still no items in the database Drivers dropdown.


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