CRM 2011: Create a new Publisher using C#

Hello geeks!

When you have not created any proxy from the CRM service; and you want to create a new Publisher using C# code. You wanna check below code:

public static Guid CreatePublisher(IOrganizationService OrgService, string FriendlyName, string UniqueName, string CustomizationPrefix)
    Entity publisher = new Entity("publisher");
    publisher["friendlyname"] = FriendlyName;
    publisher["uniquename"] = UniqueName;
    publisher["customizationprefix"] = CustomizationPrefix;

    Guid ResultId = OrgService.Create(publisher);
    return ResultId;

Just connect to the CRM 2011 system and pass IOrganizationService object to the method and other required information related to Publisher.

Happy Programming!


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